On average around 60 people die each year on our roads due to speed-related crashes, a further 375 people suffer with serious life changing injuries. In 2012, speed was a factor in 24 per cent of all fatal crashes and 11 per cent of serious injuries.

Speeding is not just limited to driving faster than the posted speed limit. It is also driving too fast for the prevailing weather, light, traffic and road conditions, without concern for the vehicle condition, driver skills and experience.

Campaign Outline

The Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy adopts a safe system approach to improving road safety by continuing to expect and encourage safer road use behaviours while building increasing protection into the road transport system through safe speeds, safe vehicles, and safe roads and roadsides. The issue of reducing travel speed was identified in the Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy under the priority area of Safe Speeds and Safe Road Use.

First launched in 1998, the Speed campaign was one of the original four major road safety campaigns covered when the Office of Road Safety first introduced coordinated road safety strategies in Western Australia.

Campaign Goal

The overall goal of the campaign is to contribute to reducing the number of people speeding on Western Australian roads.

Target Audience

In the 10 years to 2013, 81 per cent of road users killed in speed-related crashes were male and of those 38 per cent were 17 to 24 years old. A further 34 per cent were 25 to 39 years old.

The enforcement element of this campaign targeted men 17 to 39 year olds while the lifestyle behavioural component had a wider target audience of all drivers 17 to 59 years.


‘Enjoy the Ride’ communications were first introduced in March 2011. The behavioural element is traditionally supported with an enforcement campaign and new enforcement advertisements called ‘Post It Notes’ were introduced in February 2012. Both these commercials still meet the communication objectives of the Western Australian Speed campaign.  

In 2013/14 the campaign is scheduled to run from February to March 2014 and from May to June 2014.

Communication Objectives

The lifestyle behavioural component known as ‘Enjoy the Ride’ was designed to re-engage the community on the issue of speed and speeding on Western Australian roads.

The specific communication objectives aimed to:

  • Evoke community support for active compliance of applicable speed limits by all road users;

  • Educate the community about the benefits of taking a slower approach to life;

  • Highlight the benefits of driving at the ‘right speed’, which is at least the applicable and/or appropriate speed limit;

  • Improve road safety by reducing the number of people speeding on WA roads;

  • Demonstrate the relationship of speed on the individual driver and the road network; and

  • Shift the public’s belief that ‘fast is better; and to encourage and show the public that a slower approach to lifestyle is more enjoyable, and better for you in the long run.

The enforcement component aimed to:

  • Remind the Western Australian community of the consequence of speeding; and

  • Generate awareness of speeding enforcement

Communication Strategies

Around 40 per cent  of Western Australians admit to speeding. Speeding affects all road users, and those who do not comply are a risk to themselves and those around them. It is for this reason that clear and effective communication with a variety of audiences on speed and speeding issues are vital.

In 2011, a new and innovative approach to addressing speed community education in Western Australia was introduced. Called ‘Enjoy the Ride’, the communications focused on the benefits of slowing down as opposed to the threatening consequences of speeding. The campaign was based on the key insight that the way we drive is a symptom of the way we live; the campaign took a holistic approach to the issue of speed on our roads and in our day-to-day life.

The communications aimed to redefine the way Western Australians considered speeding, creating a cultural shift and real behaviour change to a more relaxed, respectful and purposeful way of life for all Western Australians.

International research shows that the effects of police enforcement in reducing road trauma are strengthened when supported by community education. To support both ‘Enjoy the Ride‘ and the police enforcement efforts in Western Australia, enforcement  communications called  ‘Post It Notes’ was used. These communications ask each member of the Western Australian Community to do whatever they can to stop speeding on our roads, as WA Police are doing whatever they can to stop them from speeding.

Media Strategy

The original ‘Enjoy the Ride’ commercial was three minutes duration and aired around the same time across the five television networks state-wide. The idea was to create a ‘road block’ on TV to ensure that the broadest viewing market, an estimated 330,000 people aged 18 to 54, saw the commercial. ‘Enjoy the Ride’ also was placed on YouTube with the commercial going viral. The longer than usual commercial was designed as the first step in communicating the new message.

To support the three minute commercial, two 30-second commercials taken from the original footage were produced. These advertisements continued the story, encouraging people to recognise there is a better way to approach life and driving.

The first 30-second commercial called ‘Escape Speed’ addressed the issue of speeding in our lives and on our roads. The second 30-second advertisement called 'Fast Verses Slow’ aimed to provide solutions to encourage WA drivers to slow down.

Radio, cinema, outdoor and online advertising supported the television commercials.

A dedicated website was initially produced to promote slowing down in all aspects of life. It borrowed from the philosophy of the ‘Slow Movement’, which advocated a cultural shift towards slowing the pace of life to engage the public on the need to rethink the culture of speed. It covered areas of driving, health, planning and the environment, diet and lifestyle. The components of this web site have now been integrated into the speed topic area of the Office of Road Safety website.

Campaign Advertising

Television Commercials

Enjoy the Ride - Full Version
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Enjoy the Ride - One Minute Version
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Escape Speed
Read transcript - Download advertisement

Fast vs Slow
Read transcript - Download advertisement

Two versions (metropolitan and regional) with a different ending scene was produced to make the commercial more relevant to the area of WA in which it is screening.

Metropolitan Perth Version
Read transcript - Download advertisement

Regional WA Version
Read transcript - Download advertisement


Link to Speed Enforcement advertisement, opening in a new window

A message in support of the campaign from Assistant Commissioner Gary Budge, Western Australia Police:

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Link to Speed Behaviour advertisement, opening in a new windowLink to Speed Behaviour advertisement, opening in a new window

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Community Resources


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Published: 21/2/2014 1:34:15 PM